Give your user the best interactivity

MotionTree helps you take the lead in interactive content by offering world-leading solutions for author, view and distribute your content. Our portfolio of tools and players solutions give users more reasons to love interactive contents on any devices. Based on our core technologies and function modules, our solutions are made available to developers via RVS scripting. As important, MotionTree experts are ready to help your company achieve rapid deployment and cost-effectiveness while ensuring your products offer end users unique applications with outstanding technical performance. Our technical services professionals actively support any or all aspects of development, integration, customization, testing, verification and validation process.

Product support and maintenance

Every purchase of a Motiontree’s product come with a support corresponding to the product’s complexity.

With this support all your bug reports come with an high priority, you’d have direct access to the technical manager of the product, you may receive a formation on how to use your product.

Product support & maintenance provides technical assistance with MotionTree’s softwares and feature modules. It include User support, issue management and delivery of maintenance upgrades.

Product Support is available remotely via the CoCreatify platform. There you can read about the latest news and updates related to the MotionTree’s products, such as roadmaps and coming features. You can also find useful tips and best practices shared by MotionTree’s experts, reference applications and examples. CoCreatify is also where you can report issues.

Professional Services

Each customer is unique, each requirement is specific.

MotionTree offers a complete panel of Professional Services such as Project Directors and Managers, Software Engineers, Designers, Graphists, Technical Experts… to ensure the best quality of development. Our team expertise is based on Rich Media development combined with innovative and creative ideas.

From the first meeting to the implementation, MotionTree’s Professional Services team is only focused on your expectation and is fully dedicated to your project. Their main objective is to deliver the best quality service on time and within budget.

The Professional Services have the expertise and the knowledge to achieve your goals whatever the device is thanks to the mastering of the MPEG4-BIFS that overcomes OS Segmentation (MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS…).

MotionTree is a leader in interactive, cross-platform, video tools software creation, but has also gained an expertise in interactive mp4 authoring for clients. We have already worked on several projects such as e-learning, advertising and trade-fair apps.

If you need some specific interactive videos please feel free to contact us at

Business benefits

Great Interactivity, great experience

Today’s multiple devices enable users to enjoy ever more advanced interactive contents and applications. Our imaging technologies and solutions provide great interactivity and user experiences on a wide variety of Desktop, mobile phones and other devices. They enable users to efficiently author, view and distribute interactive contents due to standardised MPEG .

Rapid development
We help our customers rapidly adapt our technology to their user needs, platform and hardware. MotionTree has over 2 years experience in developing, validating and launching pioneering interactive applications and experiences. Using our know-how and experience lets you remove potential bottlenecks or risks in launching your interactive content. For instance, we can help you evaluate the feasibility of your interactive content to identify and remedy potential problems before they become development issues.

Cost Saving
Transforming new interactive contents and functions into success depends on attention to details. A holistic and well-structured approach to development, integration, customization, testing and launch is the basis to realizing cost savings and reliability in interactive contents. We are unique in being able to efficiently adapt our solutions to match your present and future needs. This reduces costs, boosts operational reliability and simplifies future compatibility upgrades.

Unique interactive contents
Got a great idea for a new interactive content app or function? We know the feeling. When we are asked to contribute to new solutions, we draw on our experience from lots of projects. This is why we can act as a truly powerful partner for you. On the technology development side, you get privileged access to our technology and product development experts – the very people who have already developed amazing interactive contents into over thousand devices, both mobile or fixed.