MotionTree is a pioneer technology and services company, in the digital content industry, with a history of developing innovative platform-independent interactive video solutions.

MotionTree have been founded in 2012 and employs around 5 people most of them working in the R&D development in its Paris’s office.
Since this start, the company’s mission has been to help digital video professional to significantly improve their interactive video solutions in order to deliver an optimal end-user experience. MotionTree helps companies shorten their time-to-market and differentiate their products through interactive video solutions that offer top of the line advantages in editing, enhancing, viewing and selling interactive video content.
The company already displayed its works to Siggraph 2013, its technology has gained worldwide recognition by all of the major players in the video industry and research laboratories.
In 2014, back to Siggraph in Vancouver it developed its international visibility and  few months later have been feature to the MPEG 110 Meeting (Oct. 14).

Our vision

The Vision of each Employees of MotionTree is that in the really near future, no interactive contents would be native developed for a lonely device, but any interactive rich media content could be displayed on any device without interactive loss.

Our mission

Here at MotionTree, our mission is to help you in your creative needs regarding interactive contents.

Our core values

Rigorous, creative and open minded, our values serve the production process of MotionTree’s solutions, unleashing for you the interactive contents.


MotionTree Team is its true value. Every and each of them are very talented in their field, and share the same vision of the company. Their implication varying only with the time they can put in such an interactive journey ;).

Active founders

Pedro Guanaes Netto
CEO of MotionTree. Innovator, inventor, entrepreneur, building a future without limits just those of my imagination. Former CEO of Uacari. Initiator of some cross industry R&D collaborative project (FUI) in the 3D modeling area.


Jean-Claude Dufourd
Co-founder Chief Scientist of MotionTree. Professor at Telecom ParisTech, former co-founder and chief scientist of Streamezzo. Active MPEG and W3C member. Contributor to HbbTV and COLTRAM, and spec lead on LASeR. Author of 24 patents.


Henriette de Poulpiquet
R&D engineer and project manager. Young R&D multimedia engineer specialized in videos, my passion for pixels is at work through my project manager current position at MotionTree. Previously I’ve worked for Mikros Image, SagemCom, Astrium, PreviewGM, Endirectv.com, Nexter.


Stefania Argiolas
R&D engineer. After gained a masters’ degree in Electronic Engineering, I have developed my technical skills in software development for embedded systems, in particular HMI, mainly working for the industry in the automotive sector. Now, as engineer R&D at MotionTree I participate to the implementation of our solution for interactive video.

Guillaume Breda
R&D engineer. Graduated from IMAC engineering school I worked as an intern in the video game industry at Pinpin Team and Streum On Studio using Unreal Engine 4. Now I’m a R&D engineer at MotionTree editing and integrating a multimedia player to our projects.

Non-active founders

Olivier Piasentin
Holder of a Master’s Degree in European law, I started my career as business affairs for film sales and acquisitions company Vision International. I am currently developing a couple of film projects and an interactive MOVIE bases on MotionTree’s technology.

Guy Levi-Bochi
Holder of a Master’s Degree in Management from ESCP Europe, my background is in finance, strategy and organization. Prior to joining Motiontree, I previously served leading players in the Financial Services Industry, as a strategy and management consultant for over 12 years.


Alexandre Bouglet
Jurist expert in company laws, I spent 7 years as Court clerk at the Commercial court of Creteil.

Xavier de Portal
More than 20 years as Chief Financial Officer and IPOs (Titus, Cyber Press Publishing), I founded the Deovino TV channel about oenology.


Investor Relations

The principle share holders of MotionTree are the company’s founders.
Please contact us for further information regarding investment opportunities ir@motiontree.net.


Télécom ParisTech TSI

The TSI department is one of the four departments in charge of teaching and research within Télécom ParisTech. The acronym TSI stands for “Traitement du Signal et des Images” meaning Signal and Image Processing. For its research activities, the department belongs to UMR CNRS 5141 LTCI.
The missions of TSI are teaching and research in the domain of signal processing and image processing. Its objectives are:

  • studies on images under all its forms, digital, optical… for various applications : medical, satellite, artistic…,
  • studies on speech, sound and music,
  • studies on multimedia documents, video.

The main research topics are:

  • development of algorithms and statistical processing techniques, in particular for model learning,
  • multimedia indexation, sensor networks, biometrics,
  • coding and transmission for multimedia communications.


GPAC Licensing

GPAC Licensing is an industry-oriented initiative around the GPAC open-source Software. They want to foster cooperation by proposing missing services such as support and licenses. The money comes here to reward and keep our contributors, pay for some new servers… and also travel to meet users and keep up to date! Thry’ve had many propositions from big companies in the past. They could not make them all happen… With a better-suited structure they have created a win-win partnership with the community of the professional GPAC users.



Cap Digital

Cap Digital is a business cluster, started in 2006, a French public agency dedicated to the development of the Innovative Economy in the Île-de-France region, and in France. With more than 600 members, Cap Digital gathers innovative SMEs but also count major universities, higher education establishments, research labs, and corporations.

Cap Digital is organized between nine communities make a vital contribution to the strategy and direction of the cluster: Image, Sound and Interactivity, Video Games, Knowledge Engineering, Culture, Press, and Media, e-Learning and e-Training, Collaborative Technology & Intelligence, Mobile Lifestyle & Services, Robotics and Communicating Objects, and Digital Design.

Cap Digital provides members with essential information, networks, and resources. These include ongoing competitive intelligence, training, partnerships, funding solutions, and project reviews. Partnerships with other leading European clusters, at a structural and project level, are an essential element of Cap Digital’s strategic activities



 Scientipole Initiative audits the potential projects, counsels and accompanies the future entrepreneurs from both a scientific and technological base as well as from a managerial point of view.

The aim of Scientipole Initiative is to closely associate corporate and technological resources in order to contribute to the emergence of innovative enterprises and support the development of such projects.
The granting of a non-guaranteed no interest loan to the principal entrepreneur(s) of the start-up or project furnishes a real tool of financial leverage. This loan is a personnel loan, ranging from 20 to 90K€ per enterprise, for a period of up to 5 years.
After the loan has been granted, Scientipole Initiative provides a follow-up of the projects it has helped by direct sponsorship, coaching and workshops.
Scientipole Initiative relies on a large network of over 60 experts who provide support to the new entrepreneurs.   Since 2002, Scientipôle Initiative’s approval committee has backed 630 businesses with a financial commitment of over  €25,5 million.   Scientipôle Initiative has a permanent staff of 13. It can call upon a network of some 60 experts, with experience in diverses technologies, finance, marketing and business organization and administration .


France Digitale

France Digital brings together the champions of digital entrepreneurship: start-ups with strong growth plans and potential investors (venture capitalists and business angels).
In 2012, France Digitale was born from two observations made by entrepreneurs and investors:
– A general misunderstanding of the economic and social potential of the digital landscape.
– The French economy’s inability to create new economic champions.

Their mission is to transform France into a territory that is ripe for the development of start-ups, both within our borders and abroad.

France Digital’s Mission is to build an alliance between digital entrepreneurs and investors, so that France becomes fertile ground for the creation of digital champions of international stature.

Their values are those of their members. France Digitale is:
– Pragmatic : France Digitale has no political leanings, but instead systematically bases its proposals on ad hoc studies and numbers.
– Agile : France Digitale nourishes a culture of performance and goes wherever needed.
– Pioneering : France Digitale promotes a new business model in which young people, innovation and the creation of shared value have a major role to play.
– IndependentThe members of France Digitale march together toward the same goal while remaining independent. The only code of conduct: come as you are.


Microsoft Bizspark

BizSpark is a Microsoft program that provides free Microsoft products – software design and development tools to qualifying software development business startups for 3 years. After the 3 years are over, it is possible to get the same benefits via a paid subscription.

BizSpark was established in 2008. More than 50,000 companies have joined BizSpark and it reaches across 100 countries. BizSpark helps businesses to have access to software development tools, connections to important industry players, and by providing marketing visibility in order to gain recognition. It also enables the user to have access to Windows Azure, which is a cloud platform for the creation of web applications and services. In order to be eligible for BizSpark, the startup company must develop software, be privately owned, less than five years old, and generate less than one million dollars in annual revenue. There is also no cost in order to join.


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We are located in the ouest part of Paris, few steps from “Montparnasse” train station.

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