Product in development


Interactive portfolio Maker
MotionTree Prism Folio is a breakthrough portfolio application for visual artists who wants to present their works in an interactive way.
Using Prism Folio’s stunning effects, you can dynamically fade, slide, magnify  photo assets, easily illustrating Photoshop work, color grading…
Simply select a theme template, choose your effects, import your assets* and build a presentation.

– Incredible dynamic compositions: swipe, tap, drag your videos to reveal the postproduction steps achieved.
– No fidgeting with code: everything is drag and drop in a graphic interface.
– Focused: single-window interface, self-explanatory workflow, you’ll be buidling your first portfolio in minutes.
– Time-saving: export your different comps, layer them into Prism Folio and interact with them!
– Export as .mp4 (readable by a MPEG-BIFS compatible payer).

1. Magnifier
2. Peep Hole
3. Curtain
4. Swap tapping

* Prism works with every standard-compliant JPG, PNG files.
Further features:
1. More themes to choose from.
2. Theme customisation : background music, background video, …
3. More effects: Backdrop (matte), …
4. Elements (boxes, text, …).