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Templine [Interactive Video]
Original content
Two explorers found a temple filled with obstacles. Help them to go trough by using the good choices.
In this Minecraft interactive video, you’ll face 7 choices to make in this first part of the series. The next part will be released maybe sometime. If you do love it, be sure to leave a comment so we can know.

Thanks for Newgrounds Artists for the songs:
-Dark Dragon Fire
-Rise of Champions
-Noise Complaint
website: http://maxedoutstudio.com/

Exemple of a video, that have been converted to BIFS using Rich Video Script (RVS). This video was originally a youtube interactive video. Our purpose is to show you RVS can improve slightly the whole interactive experience as the user will not experience ugly overlays, fullscreen exit or loading time. The video loops it self while waiting for the user input which cannot be done normally on Youtube.
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